USB JTAG LM-Link Luminary Debugger
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LM LINK is a JTAG debugger with USB interface, it is specially used for debugging and downloading of Luminary Series MCU program. LM LINK uses for USB interface, breaking traditional download in parallel and serial port program, whether it is a desktop computer or notebook, they use freely

LM LINK is used in the IAR integrated development environment. IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM (IAR EWARM) in ARM is a processor integrated development environment, it includes project manager, editor, C/C++ compiler and the ARM assembler, linker XLINK and support RTOS debugging tools C-SPY. Using C/C++ and assembly language easy to develop embedded application program in EWARM environment. Compared to other ARM development environment, IAR EWARM has the characteristics of easy entry, convenient and compact code etc

The latest version 5.4 of ARM Cortex-M3 kernel is supported by IAR EWARM, this version supports Luminary all series MCU. In order to evaluate and learning, IAR provides a free version of limit 32K code. The user can download in IAR website

IAR EWARM contains full software simulation program (simulator). It does not require any hardware support can simulate all kinds of ARM core, an external device or even interrupted the software running environment, function and use method of understanding and evaluation of IAR EWARM in


The interface defined is official standard edition:

1 VCC 2 NC
7 TDD 8 nRST
9 GND 10 NC

Shipping list
1* emulator
1* USB cable

1* 10P wire

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