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20P I2C SPI COG 128128 LCD ST7571 Parallel
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Number of Dots: 128*128

Controller: ST7571

Power Dissipation: 1 – 100mW <Without Backlight 1mW (3.3V*0.3mA)>, Backlight less than 100mW (3.3V*30mA)

PIN NO.: 20P

Backlight: LED

Color: White Backlight Black Word or Blue Backlight White Word

Data Interface: I2C interface, Parallel interface or 4 wire SPI interface (please choose and remark when buying)

Operating Temp.: -20 ~ 70 degree

Storage Temp.: -30 ~ 80 degree

Voltage: 3.3V or 5V (please choose and remark when buying)

LCD Drive: 1/128 Duty; 1/12 Bias; Vop 13V

Backlight Voltage: 3.0V

Backlight Current: 32 – 60mA

Viewing Direction: 6 O’clock

Connect Way: COG

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