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20P SPI COG 12864 LCD ST7567 Backlight Parallel
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1 Structure: backlight with retaining wall, welding type FPC

2 IC: ST7567, powerful function, good stability

3 Low power consumption: 1-100mW (not backlight is 0.3mA*3.3V, backlight is not more than 100mW)

4 Display content:

(1) 128*64 dot matrix monochrome image;

(2) 16*16 dot matrix or other lattice images from series Chinese characters, according to the 16*16 dot matrix Chinese characters to calculate display 8 word / line *4 line. According to 12*12 dot matrix Chinese characters to calculate display 10 words / line *4 line

6 Interface: 4-wire SPI serial interface or parallel interface (6800 or 8080). (Please remark when buying)

7 Working temperature: -20 - 70 degrees

8 Color: White, Green, Blue

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