IPS 2.6 inch TFT LCD Module TK499 Chip 240*400
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1. IPS and semi-reflective semi-transparent features, high visibility in sunlight;

2. Resolution 240*400

3, The 8MB of FLASH and 8MB of RAM, can run complex interface programs;

4. High-performance TK499 chip with 240MHz and FPU, supporting hardware floating-point operation

5, USB download, can use USB update program, icon and word library

6. Provide 3 road serial ports, 2 road SPI, 13 road GPIO:(PC0~PC7, PB8~PB12), 1 road USB, TF Card, 5-way key, 3 road LED lights

7. High-performance M4 chip, 8M FLASH and 8M RAM and special TFT screen, which can be programmed directly on chip and is more flexible and faster than serial screen.

8. Provide reference program, schematic diagram, etc.

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