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DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor Module
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This module uses DHT11 digital temperature and humidity sensor, DHT11 is a temperature and humidity composite sensor with calibrated digital signal output. It applies special digital module acquisition technology and temperature and humidity sensing technology to ensure reliable stability, fast response and strong anti-interference capability of the product. The sensor includes a polymer resistive humidity sensing element and an NTC temperature measuring element, and is connected with a high-performance 8-bit single chip microcomputer. The sensor communicates with the microprocessor through a single bus and only needs one wire.


Working Voltage VCC: 3.3V - 5V

Working Current: 〈2.5mA

Humidity Measurement Range: 20% - 95% (0 - 50 degree)

Humidity Measurement Error: ±5%

Temperature Measurement Range: -20 - 60 degree

Temperature Measurement Error: ±2 degree

PCB Size: 3.2*1.4cm

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