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MCU Digital Electronic Clock Module
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Product features
1 Smaller volume, size: length =40.2mm, width =12.8mm, thickness =14mm
2 Three-in-one time, temperature, voltage. Three functions can be switched at any time
3 Four kinds of display mode: only display time, only show temperature only display voltage, alternating display temperature, voltage and time
4 Have manual correction function of the temperature error, the range is -5~5 degree
5 To take battery by yourself, the time will go on when put off power

Electrical characteristics
1 Input voltage is 5 ~15V. Note: if to use the function of voltage meter, voltage will input over 7V
2 Voltage range is 7 ~ 15V, error is ± 0.1V, the measured voltage is input voltage
3 Temperature range is -9 ~ 60 degree

Method of usage
1 To adjust the time and correct temperature error
Under normal situation, press the "left", "cent" begin to flicker, at this time by the "right", "cent" increased, and cycle between 59~0.Tune up "divided", then press "left", "when" begin to flicker, at this time by the "right", "when" cycle between 23~0.Tune up "when", followed by "left", this showed AC: xx, XX value modify the temperature value. According to the "right" to adjust the temperature of the error correction value, ranging from -5 to 5 degree, a positive number is increased, the negative is reduced. Adjusting the temperature error correction, then press "left", save all data, and return to the normal display state

Note: response to work after a long time, the measured temperature is high, it is because the board of the voltage stabilizing circuit heating, while the board is relatively small, the heat transfer to the temperature resistance, so that the measured temperature is high, the solution is the resistance temperature detector is connected with a line out, let it out the board can solve)
2 Switching display mode
In a state of non-adjustment, press the "right" to switch display modes, from only show the time→ only display temperature → only show the voltage→ temperature, time and voltage are alternating display and cycle switch. And keep the last pattern, even if put off power and open

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