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3.0 inch 24P White/Blue COG 19296 LCD Screen ST75256
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Structure: backlight with retaining wall, welding ​type FPC

IC: ST75256, powerful function, good stability

Storage temperature: -30 - 80 degree

Color: grey backlight black word, blue backlight ​white word

Working voltage: 3.3V / 5V

Interface: SPI serial interface, I2C interface, ​Parallel interface

Connector: COG

Working temperature: -20 - 70 degrees

PIN NO.: 24P

Viewing Direction: 6 O’clock

LCD Driver: 1/96Duty, 1/11Bias

Backlight: 4*LED

Outline ​Dimensions: 79.4*53.8*5mm

Active ​Area: 74.6*41.3mm