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5V Delay Actuation Switch Relay Module NE555
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1 size: 6.8CM*2.1CM
2 main chip: NE555
3 working voltage: 5V DC

1, when connecting relay, it will be close
2, adjustable delay time, (0 ~ 10 seconds)
3, increase the potentiometer can increase the delay time
4, increase the capacitance C1 can increase the delay time
5, with input power indicator
6, relay indicator
7, can control AC 220V/10A equipment. (maximum 2000W control equipment)
8, with the continued flow protection relay.
9, the delay time formula: T = 1.1RC. For example: capacitor 100uF resistor 100K T=1.1*100000*0.0001=11 second

Applications: MCU learning, electronic competition, product development, graduation design

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