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BLE 4.0 Network Module NRF51422
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2.54mm stamp hole

All adopt brand inductance capacitor element, high frequency performance is superior

Small size, only 1.64*2.2CM.

Heavy gold craft, exquisite workmanship


On-chip Resources

1) 256kB flash and 32kB RAM

2) digital and mixed signal peripherals, including on-chip temperature sensors, RNG (random number generator), 10-bit ADC and quadrature decoders

3) 32 GPIO, any pin has trigger interrupt function, 16 PPI channels

4) 128-bit AES ECB/CCM/AAR coprocessor

5) Three 32 bit timing / counters, two 24 bit RTC, 2 highest 400Kbps TWI, 2 most 8Mbps SPI, one UART. 1Mbps maximum

6) On-chip LDO, DC-DC, wide power range 1.8-3.6V.

7) on chip +/ - 250 ppm 32kHZ RC oscillator, in Bluetooth low power applications, without external 32kHz crystal, can save cost and board space, and 32KHZ clock source can be obtained from the 16MHZ system clock frequency.

8) 6x6mm 48 pin QFN, WCSP package, providing up to 32 GPIO

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