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TKM32F499 Development Board with TK80/SDIO RGB888
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1. High-performance 32bit MCU, frequency is 240M, it can easily drive large screens

2. The board is TK80 interface, and compatible 8080 interface, support 1-24 bits and 16M colors LCD

3. Used for 8MB QSPI FLASH, so it can put down more pictures and word, and the comprehensive speed is 10 times higher than before

4. F4 chip with floating-point operation unit FPU, which can support advanced functions of FPU part in emWin

5. The internal memory of the chip is as high as 8MB, so there is no need to plug in an expensive 32-bit RAM, which can easily run the complicated emWin interface

6. Used for USB download program, one data cable can download the program and say goodbye to all kinds of LINK

7. Built-in resistive touch service IP core can directly drive resistive touch without adding XPT2046 chip

8. Support LTDC, RGB888 (16M colors), backwards compatibility RGB666, 565, 555, etc

9. TF card adopts hardware SDIO mode and is matched with an efficient FATFS file system. the specific speed is much higher than that of analog IO+SPI

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