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STM32 Board Adapter Board STM32F103VCT6
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1, Used for STM32F103VCT6 chip, 256KB FLASH capacity and 256K extra capacity, a total of 512KB FLASH, 64K super RAM, running UC operating system without pressure

2, USB port and J-LINK download port

3, USB connection seat

4, TF card design mode with SDIO connection mode of high speed and high efficiency, the decoding of the BMP image to TFT LCD screen

5, Leads to FSMC interface, neatly arranged to pin. Use FSMC brush LCD screen, speed far beyond the IO port simulation model

6,The 64M Bit (8MB capacity) SPI FLASH, you can store a lot of pictures

7, SW debug interface, can be directly debugged on the Keil MDK software

8, PS2 mouse interface, since no touch of the LCD screen can also be very convenient to play ucGUI, emWin Oh!

9, five to the navigation keys, interface design, commonly used on the left, right, confirm 5 keys all have, select the menu more easily. The details of the five: press the pull, confirm key can be used as a system to wake up, all the keys are not interrupted and other outside the conflict.

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