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JGB37-3530B Encoder Speed Measuring Gear Motor
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Model: JGB37-3530B

Working Voltage: 6-24VDC

Rated Voltage: 12V 24V

12V Per Minutes No-Load Speed: 800rpm 500rpm 265rpm 166rpm 80rpm 55rpm 38rpm 30rpm 18rpm 10rpm 6rpm

24V Per Minutes No-Load Speed: 1600rpm 1000rpm 530rpm 333rpm 178rpm 111rpm 76pm 60rpm 37rpm 20rpm 12rpm

Note: Please remark the motor speed when buying

Working parameter
Output signal: square wave (default) / sine wave (custom) AB phase
Supply voltage range: 5-24V
Working temperature range: -40 to -120

Encoder Connect:
1/ Red     Motor power +
2/ Black   Motor power -
3/ Green   Sensor ground
4/ Blue    Sensor power supply
5/ Yellow  Signal A output point
6/ White   Signal B output point
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