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Zigbee CC2531 USB Dongle Development Board
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CC2531 USB Dongle support non TI chip ZigBee protocol packet capture, and test for two kinds of products, one is NEC, another is Ember (EM2420)


1 one of the most important functions is used as PacketSniffer, using CC2531USBDongle with PacketSniffer to capture the wireless data packet, which is very helpful in the wireless protocol development. Such as two CC2530 to communicate with each other, but the receiver has no data, this is just need CC2531USBDongle to analysis is sending unsent data or sending data is not correct.
2 used to develop HID equipment, can use an CC2531USBDongle as a receiving terminal, to control computer


It can reprogram, debugging four wire interface: GND/RST/DC/DD (simulation debugging requires only the four signal), the use of spacing 2.0mm spacing pin, you can use with the CC-Debugger shop and CC-Debugger adapter plate to the simulation debugging. And CC2531USBDongle reservation 8 pieces of GPIO, 2 user keys and 2 user LED, development board can be used as CC2531


Support the wireless protocol and equipment


Module size: PCB size 2cm*4.5cm, containing USB size is 2cm*6cm

Selection of antihypertensive chip LDO is also very important, choose RichTek high ripple rejection ratio and ultra low dropout, and the highest RF can output 500mA LDO application. So to maximize wireless chip performance

The front end of the RF using the JTI developed specifically for the CC253x/4x balun chip

Support for PacketSniffer capture
2 pieces of CC2531USBDongle, one is HID receiver, the other is a PacketSniffer package, and with the use of CC2530DK development board

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