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2 Road Relay Module with Optocoupler Isolation 5V
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1 using optocoupler isolation and relay control, AC voltage maximum 250V, AC current maximum 10A, DC voltage maximum 30V, DC current maximum 10A
2 the transistor drive, strong drive ability
3 working voltage 5V
4 provided with a fixing bolt holes, easy to install
5 PCB size: 4.5*4.6*1.8 cm (length * width * height)
6 the power indicator light (green), 4 road relay status indicator light (red)
7 low level is close, high level release.

Interface description
On the left side of 3 pin interface
1 JD-VC relay power supply voltage
2 VCC module power supply voltage
3 GND module
On the right side of the 4 pin interface
1 VCC module power supply voltage 5V
2 GND module
3 1N1-1N2 relay control interface is connected with the IO port of the SCM

Shipping list
1* relay module

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