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5V Photosensitive Switch Relay Module LM393
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1 Using photosensitive resistance induction light intensity, with 5V relay, direct control load
2 Shared potentiometer adjusting sensitivity, by adjusting the potentiometer, setting the starting relay threshold, when this threshold is light, module relay will be sucked, darker than this threshold, release the relay, thus connected with the normally open and the common end of the switch is controlled by day, connected with a normally closed and the common end of the switch is controlled at night.
3 Working voltage is 5V
4 Output form: directly connected with AC 220V 10A or DC30V 10A load
5 Provided with 4 fixing bolt holes, convenient to install
6 The size of small PCB: 4.7cm*2.6cm
7 Power indicating lamp and relay indicator lamp
8 Usually use LM393 chip, stable work


Small interface description (2 line)
1 VCC external 5V
2 GND external GND



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